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Portable Lapdesk & Laptop Stand

Portable Lapdesk & Laptop Stand

The Lapdesk is a great new twist on portable productivity and positioning. The possibilities and uses for the Lapdesk are endless. The elevated podium-like desk directs laptop weight and heat away from the user, reducing neck strain and raising your laptop, book, iPad or documents to a better viewing height.

  • Features

    While most Lapdesks focus on usage in a specific location such as home, work, or while traveling, this Lapdesk was designed to accommodate and provide comfort to users no matter where they are. Innovative design, portability and adaptable usability have been combined to provide a versatile Lapdesk designed for the on-the-go or travelling user.

    The 4 Configurations are:

    Flat/level surface Lapdesk. Angled surface Lapdesk. On-desk Laptop stand. Compact Travel/Storage.

    The Lapdesk has numerous uses which include:

    Airplane travel and waiting at the airport.
    At work, in meetings, at conferences.
    At school, in lecture halls or throughout the campus. During sporting events.
    In the car (while not driving of course) or in the Uber. At home, in the kitchen, on the couch or in bed.

  • Portability:

    The unit weighs less than 1 kg (only 0.8kg).

    Can fit into bigger laptop bags, briefcases or backpacks .

    Quick and easy to assemble and take apart/modify the set-up.

    Can be used on both hard and soft seating surfaces.

  • Product Specification

    Base size: 26,2cm (w) x 20cm (d)
    Working surface size: 34,3cm (w) x 26,2cm (d) Lift height at highest level: 23cm

    Caution: Do not exceed 7kg weight on the Lapdesk

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