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Through meticulous planning of the entire project we will ensure your complete peace of mind.

Office Renovation

  • Full Turnkey Project Management

  • Healthy & Safety

  • Adhere to Premises Compliance Guidelines

  • Professionalism

Relocation Design

  • Lean and Agile Processes

  • Certified and Registered Contractors

  • Special Hours
    (afternoon and weekend)


Project Appraisal and assessment

We meet with you on site where we discuss the project and assess your requirements.

Planning, design concept & design development

We present you 3 different design and layout options best suited to the space, considering natural light and functional workflow. 

Project Documentation, specification & design concept

The cost of the project is presented to you together with all relevant project documentation for approval and sign off.

Sign off & procurement

We coordinate and conclude a flowchart with timeframes for each contractor which is distributed to all parties. 


We manage every aspect of the construction phase with a comprehensive and strick work schedule and timeframe ensures a smooth workflow with all your contractors.


We coordinate on-time manufacturing, delivery, and installation of your furniture, overseeing the entire delivery and installation process and seeing your vision come to life picture perfectly!

Close out

Completion of the project on time and within the budget. We have only one priority.

Your complete satisfaction.

Get in touch

+27 81 207 1113

Office Furniture


Safe Delivery in a hassle-free process.

Fast Track

Ensure your order reaches you as quickly (and efficiently) as possible.


Great custumer service, call us anytime to inquire about your order

With so many different, yet similar design options on offer, Omega Concepts have taken the bold decision to be different and not follow the norm. Our bouquet of products has been carefully selected with you in mind. Whatever you are looking for, no matter what your budget, we will never compromise on quality and will provide you with a product that suits not only your budget but also your style.


All our furniture is custom manufactured to your specific requirements and size.

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