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Ergo Keyboard Wrist Rest Support Pad

Ergo Keyboard Wrist Rest Support Pad

  • Product Specification

    This soft and comfortable wrist rest offers a versatile ergonomic solution for keyboard users. The soft pad comfortably supports your wrists during typing, while also putting your wrist in a more neutral position.


    • The ergonomic design protects your wrist from unnecessary strain.
    • The soft padding supports your wrists for improved comfort while typing.
    • Helps to relieve the stress and fatigue of long hours typing on a keyboard.
    • Reduces the likelihood of sustaining computing related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow.
    • Improve your typing posture for better productivity. Helps to relieve wrist tension.
    • Maintains a fluid wrist motion for healthier computing. Non-skid base ensures better desk gripping. Multi-functional and portable.
    • Ideal to move around to assist with improved comfort anywhere you go.

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